PDC Construction is a full-service Construction company offering a variety of services to our clients. It is our priority to understand your project and your goals. Our commitment is to make the construction process a positive experience.


PDC Construction can provide technical and professional expertise for all types of construction, and has experience in both commercial and multifamily residential construction.


Our staff has a combined experience totaling over 100 years in the construction industry, including areas such as Project Management, Estimating, Coordinating and Job Cost Accounting.


Design Build

A true team approach to building, PDC professionals act as the single source of responsibility and accountability for your project. You sign only one contract - with us - and we handle everything from concept to completion. Design-build projects typically save clients both time and money.


PDC works directly with you, your architect and your engineer to establish a preliminary budget. By working together, choices of the project, ultimately allowing for a smoother flow and more expedient job site.


A competitive bidding situation is used when the customer has already hired an architect and the design is well underway. We carefully review your project and then submit a bid that allows you to evaluate the cost structure of your project.


This unique service allows you to hire PDC as a consultant for the design, bidding, construction and administration phases of your project. This frees you to continue focusing on your own business. Construction management is ideal for those more complex projects.


This service provided by PDC ensures that all costs are accounted for and the cost history with your project is audit-worthy. The experience of our staff values the integrity inherent of providing this service to our clients.

Request Services

PDC can help you navigate the complex requirements of federal and state compliance for such items like tax credits, certified payroll, and inspection reports. We give you the peace of mind that you are reporting correct information to the agencies involved in your project.


PDC views our employees as our greatest and most valuable asset. Our priority is to ensure that everyone returns safely home at night. We emphasize safety because it's the right thing to do.

PDC Construction is committed every day to provide a safe and healthy working environment. We take a proactive approach to prioritize the safety of the public and all construction workers. No project is successful unless it is built safely.

We continuously strive to enhance our work environments. All accidents are preventable. Through proper planning, traning and constant vigilance, we can ensure that everyone works on a safe jobsite. Along the way, we've incorporated some unique and creative approaches into our safety process.


Green building is smart building for the future. Our communities have a responsibility to make environmentally responsible decisions in the design, construction and operation of their buildings. PDC can help you through the decision making process of choosing to pursue LEED certification or other "Green Building" Standards.

Benefits of Sustainable Design and Construction


Lower your operating costs through energy efficiency and water conservation.


Reduce your building's impact on environment and natural resources.

Health & Safety

Enhanced health and comfort for your occupants.


Connect with local infrastructures and improve quality of life in your surrounding area.

Through leadership with the U.S. Green Building Council-Arkansas Chapter, PDC employees are active participants in advocating intelligent design and construction practices.