Elizabeth Small, CEO of PDC Companies, talks about our mission to provide safe, attractive and family-friendly affordable housing.  

PDC Makes Affordable Housing that’s Desirable, too


You might say there are two definitions for the term “affordable housing.”  The first refers to “housing that people can afford,” i.e. generally moderately-priced market-rate housing.  The second refers to housing that is tied to median household income, and is often subsidized.  The PDC Companies works mainly with the second kind.  Many times affordable housing units evoke images of social despair, crime and urban dysfunction, but PDC communities show what can go right, thanks to close management oversight and careful planning.  PDC was the contractor for the twin projects Cumberland Manor and Metropolitan Village just south of Roosevelt Road in Little Rock (but does not own or manage them).  With 120 units total, this community contains 50 tax credit units, 34 conventional public housing units, and 34 market-rate units.

There’s a lot of good housing out there that goes on under the radar screen.

~ Elizabeth Small, CEO of PDC Companies

Although it thus mixes people with different economic situations, the projects provide a nice quality of life in a convenient location near downtown Little Rock. Strict tenant screening keeps crime out, allowing a safe environment for families and children.  There is a community garden, used mainly to provide children an outdoor pastime with useful life lessons about work, time with nature, and nutrition.  If you visit you may yearn to rent a unit, and develop a healthy, fulfilling hobby in the community garden.  You might have trouble getting in, even with the market-rate units, because occupancy runs at 98 percent.

Elizabeth Small, President and CEO of PDC Companies, works to make affordable housing projects successful in Arkansas, Missouri, and Kentucky.  PDC specializes in high quality construction, real estate and management.  The company owns and manages 62 affordable housing apartment complexes, including several in Central Arkansas.


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